10 Email Marketing Best Practices

With 99% of consumers checking their personal emails at least once a day, it seems like a no-brainer to be targeting your customers through email marketing. But, with the average number of emails in an inbox sitting right around 200, your efforts might seem futile.

Email marketing is known for being a low-cost method designed to drive engagement and conversions. Since email marketing is also the marketing channel with the lowest cost per conversion, it only makes sense to be a part of any holistic digital marketing strategy.

But, how do you get your brand’s emails to cut through the noise of a crowded inbox? By following our list of the top email marketing best practices for eCommerce companies. 

10 Tips for Maximizing Your Email Marketing Strategy

Knowing you should send emails to your customers is the easy part. Strategizing and executing them is a little more challenging. We list some email marketing best practices that we recommend you implement in your upcoming campaigns. 

  1. Always Send Welcome Emails – When someone signs up for your emails, they are the most engaged with your brand. Capitalize on this engagement by sending a promo code or other incentive to get them closer to a conversion. Welcome emails should be easily automated through your email platform to send at a regular cadence.
  2. Personalize Your Sends – Just like other areas of your digital marketing strategy, personalization is key. Studies have shown email marketing campaigns that are relevant, timely, and personalized perform better. How can you personalize your sends? Offer sales alerts, restock information or upsell items to coordinate with a recent purchase. 
  3. Create Continuity – Your email promotions, drip campaigns, paid ads, Amazon store, and your website should all feature consistent branding. Make it easy for your customers to recognize your brand across your digital marketing strategies
  4. Optimize Your Subject Lines – When it comes to emails, you have minimal real estate to capture your audience’s attention. Use your subject line and preview text to make a first impression and create a hook that engages the right audience. 
  5. Keep a Clean List – With emails, a bigger list isn’t always better. Make sure you are unsubscribing people who opt out of your emails. Also, pay attention to subscribers who never open. It’s in your best interest to remove them from your list after an extended period of time to save on your send quantities. 
  6. Pay Attention to Placement – As with any digital marketing web page or ad, you should always put the most important information and calls to action above the fold. It has been shown repeatedly that conversions are better for information displayed without the need to scroll. 
  7. Keep Your Coding Clean – If your company uses a plug-and-play email provider, you don’t have to worry about this. If you are running email marketing internally, you will always want to keep your code as clean and straightforward as possible. 
  8. Always Send Test Sends – No matter what is going on, always send test sends of emails to your internal team before mass sending. Check subject lines and headers, test all links, and ensure all promo codes and disclaimers are accurate. 
  9. Track Your Sends – To have a successful email marketing strategy, you must track your send metrics to optimize as you go. Keep track of opens, clicks, bounce rate, and unsubscribes. Also, do some A/B testing on emails to find the best send times and to optimize subject lines to improve open rates. 
  10. Develop Your Own Best Practices – As you grow your email list and increase your email sends, you will find out what works best for your specific audience. Be sure to use your data to make informed decisions and develop a formula for future email marketing campaigns. 

If you are familiar with marketing, you know the importance of following recommended best practices for optimal success. At JDM Growth Group, we have years of experience at mastering email marketing strategies and techniques so you can focus your attention on running your business. Trust your holistic digital marketing management to our team of experts. Contact us today for a risk-free consultation.